Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Jewelry for Fall 2011 (2)

Because they didn’t all fit in one blog post, here’s the second part of my favorite jewels from the Fall 2011 collections… The ones I think you’d better buy quoi !

Don’t forget to check the first part !



I’ve always been a huge fan of Lanvin’s jewelry, and this collection did not disappoint me at all ! The necklaces are awesome statement pieces as always, which will make any outfit look super stylish, I love their boldness.

Lanvin Fall 2011 Lanvin Fall 2011 (2) Lanvin Fall 2011 (3) Lanvin Fall 2011 (4)


Lizzie Fortunato

I don’t know a thing about her but I like these pieces very much, especially the first necklace.

Lizzie Fortunato Fall 2011 (3) Lizzie Fortunato Fall 2011 Lizzie Fortunato Fall 2011 (2)


Louis Vuitton

Classy leather handcuffs as bracelets, how chic !

Louis Vuitton Fall 2011

Lulu Frost

Also an unknown designer to me, but these are quite interesting ! I love the use of materials and colors.

Lulu Frost Fall 2011 (2)Lulu Frost Fall 2011 


Now that’s a true discovery ! A cave full of wonders ! How the hell didn’t I know this brand ? They have exquisite jewelry ! Especially wonderful rings that I know many would die for ! I’d even wear the one in the third picture I think… That’s enough said, just take the time to appreciate these miniature artworks…

Mawi Fall 2011 (3)Mawi Fall 2011 (2) Mawi Fall 2011 (8)Mawi Fall 2011 (11) 


Michael Kors

Fresh ! You can all use that in your outfits… (Just be sure to buy two of it)

Michael Kors Fall 2011


Oscar De La Renta

I love these ! Especially the earrings, because I think it’s really hard to do beautiful jewelry without working a metal structure, and these prove that when it’s well done it can be pure beauty !

Oscar De La Renta Fall 2011 (2)Oscar De La Renta Fall 2011 (3)Oscar De La Renta Fall 2011  

Pamela Love

I recently discovered Pamela Love, I think we all did, it’s very hard to not notice her pieces in every magazine you read… It may be pop of me to like these, but they have a thing that no jewelry has and it’s simply astounding ! The colors, the shapes, the materials… Everything is absolutely perfect and fun ! The last earrings are just breathtaking…

Pamela Love Fall 2011 Pamela Love Fall 2011 (2) Pamela Love Fall 2011 (3) Pamela Love Fall 2011 (4) Pamela Love Fall 2011 (5)Pamela Love Fall 2011 (7) Pamela Love Fall 2011 (6)Pamela Love Fall 2011 (8)


Proenza Schouler

Statement baroque and cartoon-ish piece ! I fell in love !


Roberto Cavalli

I’m not a fan of Roberto Cavalli’s works but these jewelry pieces kind of attracted me, they’re so awesome… Especially the colors, I love the use of chains…

Roberto Cavalli Fall 2011 Roberto Cavalli (5) Roberto Cavalli Fall 2011 (3) Roberto Cavalli Fall 2011 (4) Roberto Cavalli Fall 2011 (2)


Ten Thousand Things

I love the feelings and vibes these pieces create. Especially the earrings, they’re like mini suspended artworks, the first ones are mind-blowing, I could have them exposed in my living room, so imagine what it must be like to wear them, and the last golden mobiles are so enchanting they’ll rock any outfit.



Van Cleef & Arpels

And this confirms the trend ! This season you should have fun accessorizing your garments… Even the high labels think so… I’m absolutely in awe in front of these magnificient necklaces that combine luxury and humor in such an exquisite way… I can’t wait to see someone wearing on of these…


Van Cleef & Arpels Fall 2011 Van Cleef & Arpels Fall 2011 (3)Van Cleef & Arpels Fall 2011 (2)



Slick !

Versace Fall 2011



Tell me you can’t wear such a thing and you’d be lying, they’re impeccable for every woman, especially the second one…

Vionnet Fall 2011 Vionnet Fall 2011 (2)


Wilfredo Rosado

Exquisite languor ! Someone offer me this (without the diamond) !

Wilfredo Rosado Fall 2011


And… That’s it my friends ! If I find more jewelry to suggest I’ll do one more post… The pictures are taken from style.com and you can go there to check other models if you want to, their site is really well organised…

Tell me and show me if you own any of the above… Or which ones you’d like to have, which pieces you love too ! It’s really great to hear from you guys !

See ya !


  1. Salut ! Je te dis juste ce que j'ai adoré:
    Le dernier collier de Lanvin, le premier collier de Lizzie Fortunato, j'aime beaucoup les couleurs que Lulu Frost utilise, et j'aime les bracelets de Michael Kors, et j'ai tout aime chez Oscar de la Renta, mais curieusement, je n'ai pas trop aimé ses boucles d'oreilles.Roberto Cavalli: tout simplement magnifique ! J'aime beaucoup Ten Thousand Things, Vionnet (juste le deuxieme bracelet)et Wilfrado Rosado (sans le diamant)
    Mais ce que j'ai le plus aimé, et que j'adorerai avoir, c'est les bijoux de Pamela Love. Les tons des pierres, la facon de les avoir disposées, superbe.
    Have a nice day !

  2. M A G N I F I Q U E !!! Rien à ajouter.