Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Blu’s Big Bang Big Boom

Sometimes being too busy really kills me ! I wanna share so much with you guys, yet I have to work, work and produce, more and more, first.

Anyway here’s a quickie for the taggers and audiovisual fanatics, more importantly for stop-motion oriented ones. If you’re one of these you probably already saw that, if not, I’m sure you’ll be open-mouthed by the greatness of this gigantic artwork.

The title says it all, it’s about the theory of evolution, from the very first appearance of life till today and even further. It’s not the first work by Blu, and you can watch all of the rest on his website, along with his other works (sketches, tags), read his blog and even buy a copy of all this!



Impressions? Thoughts? You know where to find me!


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