Tuesday, June 28, 2011

ESMOD Beirut's Fashion Show 2011

So I thought it would be good to inaugurate this blog (even though I don’t know where it’s heading) with an article about fashion. About ESMOD the fashion school I’m integrating next year, and the fashion show that presented the third year students’ collections (Spring-Summer 2012).

 Every student created four outfits (couture, ready-to-wear, dresses, tops, shorts, pants, and even shoes, jewelry and bags).

I have to say I was highly disappointed by some of them, but a few really caught my attention! Although I don’t have pictures of all my favorites now, I’ll do a post for each one of them later.

Here are the best pictures I have of stuff that I liked, I’ll try to give exact credit for every piece, but again excuse me if I miss something… I hope you’ll be as interested as I am.

The first outfit that I find very Haider Ackermann-ish is by Ali Massoud.
The two outfits in yellow (shirt and pant + dress) are by Hussein Bazaza.
The  two black and white outfits are by Nadeen Khatoun.

The last Outfit, also a bit Haider Ackermann-ish is by Sarine Thomassian.
And excuse me, I don’t know who the rest is by… I lost my notebook.

All pictures are by me, and these are the best I have, there were more awesome creations that I unfortunately didn't shot, I hope I'll find good pictures to share with you.

PS: If you know the minds behind the last creations, please inform me.

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  1. Hi, my name is Dalia Abi Semaan.
    I made the skin-color-body with gold studs.
    Happy u like it :)