Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jewelry for Fall 2011

Hellooo Babes ! I know I’ve been very rare on the blog these days, I’m just very busy… And ‘’Monday’s Movies’’ couldn’t be written yesterday because I was too busy preparing this post… And I’m sure you’ll enjoy it…

It’s very simple my friends, these are some of my favorite jewelry from the Fall 2011 collections, that I consider you should search for and buy if possible… Pieces of advice quoi !

Aurélie Bidermann

I’m not going to say much about her, her artworks tell by themselves how incredible she is… All I’ll say is that you NEED one of her necklaces with matching earrings or rings…

Aurélie Bidermann Fall 2011 (3)Aurélie Bidermann Fall 2011Aurélie Bidermann Fall 2011 (2) Aurélie Bidermann Fall 2011 (4)Aurélie Bidermann Fall 2011 (5)Aurélie Bidermann Fall 2011 (6)


Christian Dior

I always loved Dior’s jewelry, they’re always very fanciful yet elegant and wearable…

Christian Dior Fall 2011 (2)Christian Dior Fall 2011  Christian Dior Fall 2011 (3)



I didn’t knew this brand ‘till now, it’s pretty much the style I like… Perfect for girls with an edgy style, a bit Lanvin-ish, huge thumbs up at the earrings

Dannijo Fall 2011 (2)Dannijo Fall 2011 (8) Dannijo Fall 2011 Dannijo Fall 2011 (4) Dannijo Fall 2011 (5) Dannijo Fall 2011 (3)Dannijo Fall 2011 (7)


Delfina Delettrez

Delfina Delettrez is definitely one of my favorite designers, she creates awesome pieces for girls that enjoy having fun when dressing up, If you like playing with your clothes these are jewels for you !

Delfina Delettrez Fall 2011 Delfina Delettrez Fall 2011 (2) Delfina Delettrez Fall 2011 (3)Delfina Delettrez Fall 2011 (5) Delfina Delettrez Fall 2011 (4)Delfina Delettrez Fall 2011 (6)


Eddie Borgo

It’s the Mugler-ish jewels, strong and powerful pieces, dark and capricious, for the galactic romantics…

Eddie Borgo Fall 2011 (2)Eddie Borgo Fall 2011


Ericson Beamon

These pieces are really interesting in the way they’re worked, the first one is very glamourous in a sober genre, and I like the bold class of the second one.

Erickson Beamon Fall 2011 (2)Erickson Beamon Fall 2011



Incredibly beautiful details in a very simple and sophisticated montage will just make you melt…

Fenton Fall 2011 Fenton Fall 2011 (2) Fenton Fall 2011 (3)


Flutter Fall

Interesting rings and beautiful colors, an ovation for the last one that every woman should have…


Giorgio Armani

A very interesting piece came out of Armani’s collection, this necklace, that is kind of a piece of art to itself, imagine it on a bust… How awfully crazy it must look !



These pieces of Givenchy’s are probably the best ones of all this seaon’s jewelry, from the shape to the color, including the texture, everything about them is simply astounding, I’ve been fantasizing about them since the first time I saw them and would actually die to have one, perhaps the one with two heads… It’s obnoxious !

(All of the following also exist in gold and other colors, so you might as well check them…)

Givenchy Fall 2011 (4)Givenchy Fall 2011 (2)Givenchy Fall 2011 (3)Givenchy Fall 2011 (5)Givenchy Fall 2011 

Hervé Van der Straeten

I love these original and arty earrings, very attractive shapes…

Hervé Van der Straeten Fall 2011


Jack Vartanian

Never heard of him… But as I prefer representation to abstraction, it took very little to make me fall for his creations, they’re so adorable !

Jack Vartanian Fall 2011 (2) Jack Vartanian Fall 2011Jack Vartanian Fall 2011 (3)


Kara Ross

The confection of these seems quite uninteresting but what attracts me here are the bold shapes and colors, they’re soft statements of style…

And I must say I’ve got a thing for the rings, through the fact that they’re unoriginal…

Kara Ross Fall 2011 (5)Kara Ross Fall 2011 Kara Ross Fall 2011 (2)Kara Ross Fall 2011 (6)Kara Ross Fall 2011 (3)Kara Ross Fall 2011 (4)Kara Ross Fall 2011 (7)


Kimberly McDonald

There’s an intricate romance in Kimberly McDonald’s pieces that really interests me. If you’re an earring lover, there’s no way it won’t please you, these are everlasting jewels, revisited classic…

Kimberly McDonald Fall 2011 (2)Kimberly McDonald Fall 2011  Kimberly McDonald Fall 2011 (4) 

And… That’s it for today folks ! Though I still need a post to present the rest of the jewels, the pictures are taken from style.com and you can go there to check other models if you want to, their site is really well organised…

I met an aquaintance who wore one of Aurélie Bidermann’s necklaces, and it looked great on her ! Tell me and show me if you own any of the above… Or which ones you’d like to have, which pieces you love too !

See ya !

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