Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Monday’s Movies 3

For those of you just joining us and don’t know what’s going around here… Well it’s simple every Monday (ahum, Tuesday) I present in a post three movies that interested me and that I recommend… And so after Monday’s Movies 1 and Monday’s movies 2, this is my third post dedicated to movies…

I hope you’ll appreciate them, and if you’ve already seen them, let me know if you agree with me, if you think it’s a must-see movie too…

American Beauty

By Sam Mendes

American Beauty (Poster)American Beauty (5) American BeautyAmerican Beauty (3)American Beauty (4) American Beauty (2)   

American Beauty is the story of many people, citizens living in a suburb, and somehow also the story of today’s society… It’s a spiralling wonder including love, marriage, faith, hope, life, memories, repercussions, tolerance, friendship, family, coexistance, pleasure, desire, death, addictions, and all their issues (simply read the keywords in the trailer’s description)… It may sound extremely heavy, and truth is you’ll have your heart  chained from the begining till the end, your breath taken away, with few releases in between, suspens is extremely well orchestred in a way that’ll still make you appreciate the true beauty of this movie.

It’s simply amazing how all of today’s realities are depicted in this movie, it’s a very hard film, but the whole concept of it, the story, the images, the characters, all this beauty makes it flow so easily under your skin… And that’s the true madness of this masterpiece, no wonder it won five oscars !

Here’s a piece of advice my friends: Go watch it !



The Big Lebowski

By Joel Coen

The Big Lebowski (Poster) The Big Lebowski (4) The Big Lebowski (3) The Big Lebowski (2) The Big Lebowski

The Big Lebowski, written by the Coen brothers is another funny movie that’ll entertain you as much as a movie can, but it’s somehow deeper than other of their works.

Basically it’s the story of Lebowski aka ‘’Dude’’, a stereotype of the common jobless american guy, who enjoys simple things like ‘’White Russians’’ and bowling with friends, one of wich lives in the remembrance of his years spent in Vietnam as a veteran. Generally, Dude is a happy, easy-going man who accepts life and is merely bothered by his problems, but everything changes the night an asian pees on his rug…

It is no surprise to me that such a movie became a must-see in today’s pop culture, and that it triggered many reactions all over the globe, although I can’t put my finger on precise reasons. It’s simply the general mood of it that attracts me, the main character’s simple and common persona, the scenario that mixes many situations into grotesque and funny misunderstandings, and of course Julianne Moore the ever-wonderful actress in an extremely sexy role, in the skin of an artist.



Gran Torino

By Clint Eastwood

Gran TorinoGran Torino Gran Torino

Well, it’s been a while since I saw Gran Torino  but from what I recal it’s a great movie. Thrilling actually.

The main character, Walt Kowalski, is a Korea War veteran, a grumpy old man living in a neighborhood of Michigan surrounded by racial issues and gang fights, his most prized possession is a 1972 Gran Torino and he slowly gets involved into his neighbours’ business when Thao a young Hmong tries to steal his car under pressure from his gang member cousin.

I admit the scenario is not really original, especially the way I presented it… But as I remember the movie grabs you so firmly that I was left breathless, and it brings up many questions, not only about the problems of society but also about one’s components and their affects on each other. Directed by the great Clint Eastwood, and with him playing the lead character this sure is a must-see movie, beyond my judgements and advices.



And that’s all folks, if you watch any let me know what you thought of it… And be prepared to some artists featuring this week…


See ya !

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