Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Monday’s Movies

Here’s three movies you have to watch. I don’t know how you’re supposed to find them… Stream them, buy them, turn the world for them, you just can’t die without watching them… My word.

The order is miscellaneous.


Et Maintenant On Va Où?

(Where Do We Go Now?)

By Nadine Labaki

Wo Hallah La Wen (Poster)Wo Hallah La WenWo Hallah La Wen (2)Wo Hallah La Wen (3)  

Set in a fictional lebanese village where muslims and christians live along, this movie is the story of mourning housewives doing all their best to keep the external religious conflicts away from their own community.

The movie, directed by lebanese artist Nadine Labaki is one of the best rendition of lebanon’s history and actual situation, and it’s also probably her best work so far. Everything about it is striking, the power of words, of images, of situations, the whole setting, the moral reflexion it sets off, by broadening your thoughts you can even see a depiction of the world’s issues in it, and that’s something truly admirable.

Words are not enough to describe the emotions this artwork triggered, from laughter, joy, to stress, and bitterness, it’s a captivating roller coaster that can’t leave you unharmed. It’s a shameless piece of art, that deserves major attention.

At least that’s what I think, so do your best to watch it.




By Marc Fitoussi

Copacabana (Poster)Copacabana (2)CopacabanaCopacabana

Copacabana’s a short parenthesis in Babou’s life as a single mother, an obviously unconvential and spontaneous person, always running around, pleasing herself, following her senses and intuition. She eventually wakes up when her own daughter tells her she’s too ashamed to have her at her wedding. From there Babou moves to the Belgian seaside to regain her daughter’s respect and gather some money by selling time-sharing-flats during the off-season.

With Isabelle Huppert playing Babou, this movie’s an absolute delight, joining laughter and smiles to great reflexion about one’s position in today’s society, the whole thing placed under great images and a mildly stuck ‘’Canto De Ossanha’’ in your head.

Copacabana is Marc Fitoussi’s second feature film, I can’t wait to see his next productions and only hope they’ll be as good and easy-going as this one, if not better.

In brief, everything about this movie’s exquisite, well balanced, it’s a must-see and a great moment guaranteed.



Un Chien Andalou

(An Andalusian Dog)

By Luis Buñuel

Un Chien Andalou (Poster)Un Chien Andalou Un Chien Andalou (2) Un Chien Andalou (3)

Un Chien Andalou is a short movie, actually Luis Buñuel’s  first production, written with his friend: the incredible Salvador Dalí. Wait ! Two masters in one sentence ? That means you MUST watch it. As it is a short movie, it is really hard to sum it up, especially that it’s even harder to tell what’s the story about…

Basically, and as the story’s reported, it all started when Luis Buñuel met with Salvador Dalí and told him about a dream he had: a dream in which clouds sliced the moon like a razor blade slicing an eye. Dalí then told him he dreamt about a hand filled with ants, and from there, they added scenes, one after another, to create this exquisitely brain damaging surrealist movie, without head nor tail, it’s a simple succession of pictures and don’t try to catch something, it is symply to be enjoyed.

Obviously my first reaction was a ‘’What The Fuck ?!’’ one… But after thinking of it, and re-watching it you’ll really get into it, wish it’d never stop, and really enjoy its wackiness, you’d even think of doing something alike, using the game of the ‘’Exquisite Corpse’’.

To sum up, it is a must-see movie, that you can’t skip, a mind-blowing piece of culture ! Followed is the entire thing, I hope you enjoy it, and woul really like to hear your comments.



Here you go my friends. I really hope you’ll find a way to watch these, I highly recommend them, and I’d really love to hear comments and talk about them with you, so don’t hesitate to write me, I like countervailing my judgements.

Peace, Love and Art !

See ya !

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  1. J'aime. J'adore.
    j'ai deja vu le 1er et le 3eme..
    now le second (Copacabana) me parait assez interessant! im so checking it!
    thanks eric x