Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Japan’s Love Hotels

Peeps ! Let’s take a break from fashion, especially with this couture fashion week I’ll have to talk about, right now I need to talk about love hotels.
Love hotels... I recently discovered them in a newsletter mail, and I have to share this discovery with you.
So I learned (after a few research) that love hotels are hotels designed to serve sexual fantasies and needs. They're called this way because of the first one named "Hotel Love" that was located in Osaka, therefore it isn't surprising that Japan owns the most love hotels, and that didn't surprise me, and shouldn't surprise you either, these people are so wacky !
It may be quite surprising but it's still a really interesting concept, you may think it's gross, tacky and vulgar but it shows that society can be open-minded and it makes me smile, I hope all the countries adopt these hotels.
Anyway, american photographer Misty Keasler took a closer look at Japan's love hotels (all pictures are by her), and the pictures she brought to the world are really inspiring, softly provocative, just enough to make you think and imagine. These are my favorites from Mysty, but you can find more rooms here, and personally I would like to spend some time in the first or second one... they seem perfect to me.
Round Caged Bed, Hotel Pamplona, Osaka 2005
Japan's Love Hotel by Misty Keasler (2) Japan's Love Hotel by Misty Keasler (3)Naughty Nurse Play Area, Hotel Adonis, Osaka 2005Japan's Love Hotel by Misty Keasler (6)Carousel, Hotel Public Jam, Osaka 2005Japan's Love Hotel by Misty Keasler (7)Japan's Love Hotel by Misty Keasler (8)
What about you ? What do you think about these ? Which room is your favorite ?
To know more about love hotels check Wikipedia's article.
Photos source: Trendland.

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