Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hussein Bazaza

Okay, I’m taking my time to do the last couture review (Chanel’s), but at least I decided to write about one more of ESMOD Beirut’s graduate.

Just like Sarkis Dersahagian, or Hassana Mneimneh, Hussein Bazaza is one of the students that I really liked. His work is absolutely stuning in the way it is elaborated, from the theme, the idea to the actual work and the finished product, everything is captivating.

Actually, no one can talk about the collection better than Hussein himself, and he’s going to do the job instead of me (thank you).

Hussein Bazaza (8)

And to talk about the actual designs here are some pictures.

  Hussein Bazaza (9) Hussein Bazaza (3) Hussein Bazaza (4) Hussein Bazaza (5) Hussein Bazaza (6)

I love every piece of Hussein’s collection, especially the dress and the shirt, there’s another dress too and a jacket that are amazing, but I can’t find pictures of them…

Anyway, look at all the work, the details, the finishing, everything is so flawless ! It doesn’t even look as a graduate’s collection, the way it’s draped and sewed looks totally professional and that’s what’s admirable in Hussein’s work, the awesomness of the finished product I was talking about, no wonder he won two prizes: The first prize of styling and the Jury Prize.

Now look at the accessories he created too, they fit perfectly and are true pieces of art, especially the rings, I love them ! And the shoes are simply astonishing !

Hussein Bazaza (10)Hussein Bazaza (2)

Hussein Bazaza

Anyway, Hussein is one more fashion designer on the scene, and one that I’ll encourage because he can really go far, and just like the others, I can’t wait to catch his next move and share it with you.

Now babes, that makes three designers ‘’Made in Lebanon’’ to follow carefully as they have the potential to blow so many things.

And that makes me even more eager and hurried to enter fashion school next year, my friends !

Hussein Bazaza (7)

See ya real soon !

Photos source: Hussein Bazaza.

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