Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2011 Online Store

Let’s take a break from fashion shows babes, i’m really tired of seeing shit…
Today I was a bit bored at work so I went through many designers websites to check the collections, etc… And I was amazingly surprised to see that McQueen’s online store offers new items… And I fell in love as usual… Just check these out :

McQueen Pre-Fall 2011

McQueen Pre-Fall 2011 (3) (Saw this for real passing by the shop in downtown tonight, it’s jsut stunning)

McQueen Pre-Fall 2011 (4)
McQueen Pre-Fall 2011 (5)
And check the clothes when worn, the outfits are just so inspiring and beyond…
McQueen Pre-Fall 2011 (2)
(I’m usually not a fan of monochromatic outfits but this one is just fine and the dress is so fit, it’s wonderful)
McQueen Pre-Fall 2011 (6)McQueen Pre-Fall 2011 (7)
(Saw the shoes too passing by the shop they’re even more dazzling than that !)
That was it… And by the way they have items on sale…
Do you like these too ? Would you wear them ?
Photos source: Alexandermcqueen.com.

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