Sunday, July 03, 2011

Alexander Wang Pre-Fall 2011 Accessories Collection

So, tonight I stumbled on Alexander Wang's Pre-Fall 2011 accessories collection (I know I'm late, you prolly think I suck...), I have to admit I don't really know Alexander Wang, but I really fall for these pieces ! They're exquisite, I find the balance between goth, rock, punk and class really interesting... They're like soft grunge ! These are my favorites, but check the link at the end for more models and more colors...

Plus, I have to say that as a flat-hater these are some baaad ass killer shoes ! So easy to rock ! Especially the last one, it's so playful (to wear with socks for example), even though it makes me think of a Balenciaga model...

I'll leave you with those two extremely good looking bags, especially the second one that I'm totally into...
And I can say Alexander Wang officially has a new fan !
What about you ? Joining the gang ?

Photos source: Fashionising (For more models and colors)

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