Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Room

Hello peeps ! Tonight’s post is very special, I’m running away from art and fashion and discoveries to share something really stunning !

For those who know me, this is going to sound like a miracle, maybe even super natural ! But don’t worry, I’m fine, I’m feeling really good, something just hit me.

So for the others I have to introduce… Basically I’m the kind of person who always has to tidy his room, if you ask people around me they’ll be like: “What the fuck ! Last time I found some  rubber duck in his bed !’’ or like: ‘’Maaan there’s a hammer on your stairs !’’.

Yeah, I’m like this and I like my room this way, with books and papers, drawings all over my desk, random toys and tools here and there, I just love it ! And people always go like: “How do you find what you need in this mess ?’’, fact is: it may be a mess but I know that my black pen is under the book about perfumes that’s under the pants next to the phone ! And I just hate it when someone decides to tidy everything because I get so lost !

It’s not that I don’t like tidying it, it’s always better when organized, I just don’t have time to sacrifice ! And I know I’m not the only one so if you’re just like me… Well high five !

So, today my room looked like this:



And so I couldn’t find a space on the desk to draw properly…

And as usual I started clearing a part of it, and step by step I was engaged on a dangerous path…. I was tidying my room ! Yes ! Yes ! I don’t even believe it myself…

And now watch the pictures… It’s as if some mad lady with OCD passed by here and spent the afternoon cleaning…

IMG_6238IMG_6239IMG_6241IMG_6242IMG_6243IMG_6244 IMG_6245 IMG_6246 IMG_6247      

This is exceptional my friends ! Even I am having difficulties to understand what happened and to actually believe there’s nothing, not even a piece of paper on my desk !

But I can already tell you that it’s not going to last… I’ll see how much it’s going to last this time…

And to finish here’s a picture of my “wall’’ that’s growing everyday with more and more pictures…

IMG_6250 IMG_6248

And now you must be thinking it’s still very crowded, and wondering how I work with so many things around me, but I need all this, especially the wall, it’s so inspiring, all of my room is, it looks just like me and evolves with me and that’s not everybody’s case, so may it be tidy or messy I’ll always like it, as much as I love every single thing I own.

PS: Check what I’ve done with the fabric bought yesterday at Souk El Ahad ! (It’s still not sewn though, I need feedback).

(I’m waiting your comments as usual, be true and just say what’s on your mind may it be bad or good, let’s free ourselves)

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