Sunday, July 24, 2011

Givenchy Fall 2011 Couture Collection

I should have done this post yesterday but i’m being too lazy lately my friends… Anyway this is going to be easy, because fact is: Ricardo Tisci never fails to impress me with his collections for Givenchy. This couture collection is not an exception, and like all the others, it is composed by few dresses, but exceptional ones, and that’s why I’ll be showing all of them, in order of preferences.
Givenchy Fall 2011
(This one is such a beauty, my favorite, I can’t wait to see people wearing it, and photoshoots of it !)
Givenchy Fall 2011 (2)  Givenchy Fall 2011 (4) Givenchy Fall 2011 (4) b  Givenchy Fall 2011 (3)Givenchy Fall 2011 (6) Givenchy Fall 2011 (5)Givenchy Fall 2011 (7)
These dresses are true pieces of art, I love this eerie feeling they give rise to, and some of them are so McQueen-ish, I love them, their sophistication, they are as close to perfection as something can possibly get. (Note the setting, it’s just breathtaking, the bridge, the river…)
Now I like these last three less, because the shape is disturbing me, I’m not a fan of this strict half-thigh thing… (Yet, you have to admit the work, the embroidery is ravishing).Givenchy Fall 2011 (8) Givenchy Fall 2011 (9) Givenchy Fall 2011 (10) 
Easy, didn’t I told you ?! But well there isn’t much to say, all you have to do is admire when it comes to Givenchy, and more especially to Ricardo Tisci…
Givenchy Fall 2011 (final)Givenchy Fall 2011 (final) Givenchy Fall 2011 (final) 2  Givenchy Fall 2011 (final) 2
Perhaps you’re not satisfied and still hungry… Well guess what ? My friend Clara sent me pictures of the stuff she bought when we went to Souk El Ahad, I promised I’ll show the ladies what they can buy, so here we go !
A vintage necklace, “western’’ style for 3$.
A ‘’something’’ she’s going to use as a brooch or pendant for 3$.
Stylish retro sunglasses, also for 3$….
I love these ! Especially the sunglasses !
Photos source: and Clara ! (Thank you !)

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