Thursday, July 28, 2011

Valentino Fall 2011 Couture Collection

Tonight I’ll be doing two reviews my friends… YES ! Two ! And I’ll start with Valentino’s collection…
Now I have to say it saddens me to say such a thing but the collection is not as good as it would have been if Valentino directed it… And to be honnest I’m split in two opinions, as I really love some outfits, and can’t forgive the horror of others…
To start with, here’s a selection of my favorites:
Valentino Fall 2011 (8)
(Original and classy at the same time, now that’s the perfect deal !)
Valentino Fall 2011 (7)
(Simple and classy, if only it wasn’t velvet…)
Valentino Fall 2011 (3)
(Eternal chic, this is the real Chanel style… The way Karl should work… *whistle*)
Valentino Fall 2011 (5)Valentino Fall 2011 (6)
(These two are perfect ! You can accessorize in so many ways it’s fantastic !)
Valentino Fall 2011Valentino Fall 2011 (2)Valentino Fall 2011 (4)
(This one’s beautiful, but would be much better if the skirt was darker)
Valentino Fall 2011 (9)Valentino Fall 2011 (10)
(Marvelous outfit, it’s timeless, flawless ! (And the next one too))
Valentino Fall 2011 (11)Valentino Fall 2011 (12)Valentino Fall 2011 (13)Valentino Fall 2011 (14)
(Maybe something less shiny would have been better, but the work on the shoulder is simply amazing)
Valentino Fall 2011 (15)Valentino Fall 2011 (16)
(I love these last two, especially because of the material used and the colors…)
To sum up, all of these carry a certain poetry, to me, they’re true masterpieces, sculptures even I would buy to expose…
But the following series is going to be really disappointing, especially after seeing these wonders. Enjoy !
Valentino Fall 2011 (nay) 9
(What’s wrong with this shiny velvet spots on clear fabric ?)
Valentino Fall 2011 (nay) 10
(No comment)
Valentino Fall 2011 (nay)
(This reminds me of and armor, isn’t it too stiff for Valentino’s style ?)
Valentino Fall 2011 (nay) 2
(And that’s too gothic, and it’s such a bad use of velvet)
Valentino Fall 2011 (nay) 5Valentino Fall 2011 (nay) 3
(Velvet again and again ! Do not do such designs in velvet these shiny shadows are not classy !)
Valentino Fall 2011 (nay) 4
(No comment again)
Valentino Fall 2011 (nay) 7
(Do not use such disgusting colors !)
Valentino Fall 2011 (nay) 6
(This is the ‘’What The Fuck’’ piece of the collection, tell me you don’t agree…)
So basically my thoughts are really messed up because there’s a whole part of the collection that really sucks while the other is beyond wonderful. Yet, I realize that my judgement is really personal as a lot of them implies colors and fabrics, and that’s a matter of taste not of rules.
So as I said I’m still convinced Valentino would have done something way better, instead it’s Pier Paolo Piccioli and Maria Grazia Chiuri that worked on it… Perhaps they are still tweaking, we’ll know sooner or later my friends…
Pier Paolo Piccioli and Maria Grazia Chiuri 
You can see more outfits here.
See ya… In a few minutes !

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