Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sarkis Dersahagian

Yo babes ! I’m so sorry I didn’t post anything for the past two days, I was kind of sick… But I’m back ! With a post about Lebanese art and culture… Yes ! This is my second post dedicated to students who graduated from ESMOD Beyrouth.
And today I bring to you: Sarkis Dersahagian (or simply Sako which is much more pleasant). Just as for Hassana Mneimneh, I don’t personally know him, I’ve met him once or twice and chatted a bit with him, but he also seems really enthusiastic and easy-going just like I love people to be ! (And that’s really important for me, it seems like I’m entering a school full of happy and friendly students !).
So basically, Sako’s theme is quite simple and at the same time very complex and that’s what I like about it. The collection’s title is: ‘The Misfit’ and as you’ll see in the pictures he treated it through a current issue of today’s society (and especially the Lebanes one): Cosmetic surgery ! First of all I find it quite impressive and quite innovative as it’s not an easy theme (‘The Misfit’ implies many things) and because it’s one of the first artistic approaches to the issue of cosmetic surgery through fashion. Let’s get back to my first statement, what I tried to say is that the intelligence of this theme lies in the fact that’s it’s easy for an audience to understand it, but only if the artist knows how to treat it (that’s its difficulty), but Sako ruled like a boss !
Enjoy the magnificent cuts and the perfect tailoring of his outfits, they’re exceptional ! (Of course ! He won ‘’l’Aiguille d’Or’’, a prize that honors his sewing skills).
lemisfitIMG_8461IMG_8539 IMG_8594 IMG_8771IMG_8725IMG_8667   IMG_8802 IMG_9001 IMG_9033 
PS: The hairdressing and the make-up are just perfect, per-fect !
To sum up, I really love Sako’s work, can’t wait to see what his next move’s going to be, and be sure I’ll be there to grab it and tell you about it. Keep the name in mind my friends he’s one more Lebanese designer, able to amaze you, make you go crazy and make me proud !
You’d better love these, but if you don’t, tell me why ? Would you wear them ? How ?
See ya folks !
Photos source: Sako Dersahagian (in person)

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