Saturday, July 02, 2011

Hassana Mneimneh

I said I was going to do a post about each student I loved from ESMOD’s fashion show, so here we go; and I’ll start with Hassana Mneimneh.
To be honest I don’t really know Hassana, I barely saw her once. All I can say is that she makes quite a good impression, and seems to be a happy, easy-going person. In fact I didn’t even ask her to talk about her creations, I don’t like to know these stuff before I develop my own perception, I’m always scared it’d influence my opinion. Anyway, let’s get back to Hassana Mneimneh because this post is about her creations, the collection she created as a third year student from ESMOD.

What I like about her creations is their freshness, it obviously not couture, it’s ready-to-wear but it’s so personal, so different, not like everything you’ll find on the market, and yet so accessible, easy to wear…
My favorite pieces are the shorts and the second top. I really like the shorts’ energy and I find the top really well cut, a bit avant-garde, yet enough to be worn.
What’s beautiful about Hassana’s work is the fact that she created a custom print, and if you take a closer look you’ll notice that among all the female symbols are a few male ones and that explains the theme of the collection: “not a single man”. I already have my interpretation of Hassana’s statement; however I want you to come up with yours. The theme is so playful, it allows a lot of interpretations and that’s what I like about it, you can see many things in it…

Now take a closer look to the accessories, jewelry she created to go with the outfits. The question marks add so much to the theme and give even more material to your imagination. As for the shoes, they’re simple, plain and classy which is good as it doesn’t over-charge the outfits.

Finally the whole collection is just so young, so easy to love and adopt, and that’s why I’m sure she’ll succeed and I can’t wait to see her next move. Keep her name in mind, because she's a rising lebanese fashion designers that won't disappoint you.

Tell me what you think about it, did you like it ? What are your favorite pieces ? Would you wear it ? What did it inspire you, and what do you think about the whole idea ?

Photos source: Hassana Mneimneh

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