Thursday, July 07, 2011

Anne Valérie Hash Fall 2011 Couture Collection

So Babes, it’s Anne Valérie Hash’s turn to be examined and judged, this post is a review of her Fall 2011 collection, and these are all the outfits she presented.
Basically I liked a few things about it, even if it’s totally unoriginal and even if she lacks of personality, I have to say that some outfits are perfect, some other are good but not original or ruined by a small detail and I have to point out the terrible faux-pas.
I’ll start with my favorites as usual.
Anne Valérie Hash Fall 2011 (5)
I think that this one’s the best, because I’m not into overalls and even less in one-shoulder models but this outfit somehow captured my attention, so I guess it’s the best of this collection.
Anne Valérie Hash Fall 2011 (6)
Now this one is also one of my favorite too (even though it is a bit Lanvin-ish and should have been longer.
Anne Valérie Hash Fall 2011 (3) 
And this is a composition, that I really like, the top is totally original, I love it, and the skirt just fits the mood.
Following is a category I’ll call: “Cool and pretty but totally not original”.
Anne Valérie Hash Fall 2011 (10)
And I’ll start with this first outfit that I really like but that lacks originality in the colour combination and shape, it feels like I’ve already seen this.
Anne Valérie Hash Fall 2011 (8)
Now this outfit is great but isn’t it supposed to be a couture collection ? (by the way, I think I’ve seen this in H&M)
Anne Valérie Hash Fall 2011 (2)
This outfit is perfectly composed too but it’s so not original.
Anne Valérie Hash Fall 2011
And finally that’s pretty, but can someone tell me what is new about it ?
Now let’s take a look at the almost-good ones.
Anne Valérie Hash Fall 2011 (9)
The top here is interesting but the bottom just ruins it all.
Anne Valérie Hash Fall 2011 (4)
This one’s good too but it lacks refinement in the production.
And now… I present to you the huge fashion fail:
Anne Valérie Hash Fall 2011 (7)
No comment. Who would even go to a gala looking like this ?
To sum up, I really don’t like this collection, many things are missing, and okay I can accept the lack of originality but some designs are just useless and ugly, except the few outfits I really liked (at the beginning). So, yes, this is a bad review…
Oh, and I forgot, what the fuck is wrong with the shoes ? They’re so… Oh leave it ! They don’t even match the clothes…
Anne Valérie Hash Fall 2011 (11)
I know many won’t agree with what I said so just go ahead and give me your opinion. Do you like this ? Would you wear this ? Why ?
And I’d really like to have your opinion on this: Is something beautiful but unoriginal worth attention ?
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