Thursday, October 20, 2011

World Chocolate Masters Final

This post is dedicated to all food art lovers, and more especially to whoever is still not convinced that food can be art, but most importantly to chocolate worshippers.

Let’s make it clear, what’s The World Chocolate Masters ?

Well, it’s a competition, a culinary one, involving lots of chocolate, and a “National Chocolate Master” from many countries, that takes place every two years since its creation in 2005.

This year, the theme imposed is “Cocoa, the gift of Quetzalcoatl”, and the nineteen finalists were asked to elaborate a chocolate cake, two pralines, a dessert and one exceptional artistic creation around this theme…

It is happening these three days (19, 20 and 21) in Paris, where visitors can admire the creations at the ‘’Porte de Versailles’’. And because it’s obviously difficult for most of us to get there in a snap, here are pictures of the finalists’ creations, and know that you can vote for your favorite on their site, which I’ve already done.

Veronique Rousseau Chocolate Artwork (Canada)Veronique Rousseau from Canada

Ryan Stevenson Chocolate Artwork (Belgium) Ryan Stevenson from Belgium

Sylvain Bortolini Chocolate Artwork (USA)Sylvain Bortolini from USA

John Costello Chocolate Artwork (United Kingdom) John Costello from United Kingdom

Damien Deslandes Chocolate Artwork (Lebanon)Damien Deslandes from Lebanon

Luis Robledo Chocolate Artwork (Mexico)Luis Robledo from Mexico 

Xavier Berger Chocolate Artwork (France)Xavier Berger from France

Frank Haasnoot Chocolate Artwork (Netherlands)Frank Haasnoot from Netherlands

Jana Ristau Chocolate Artwork (Germany)Jana Ristau from Germany

Yoshiaki Uezaki Chocolate Artwork (Japan)Yoshiaki Uezaki from Japan

Yumiko Saimura Chocolate Artwork (Italy)Yumiko Saimura from Italy

Claudia Schmid Chocolate Artwork (Switzerland)Claudia Schmid from Switzerland

Francisco Somoza Chocolate Artwork (Spain)Francisco Somoza from Spain

Mariusz Buritta Chocolate Artwork (Eastern Europe)Mariusz Buritta from Eastern Europe

Palle Sørensen Chocolate Artwork (Denmark)Palle Sørensen from Denmark

Asgeir Sandholt Chocolate Artwork (Iceland)Asgeir Sandholt from Iceland

Alexander Ilyukhin Chocolate Artwork (Russia)Asgeir Sandholt from Russia

Seung Yun Lee Chocolate Artwork (Australia)Seung Yun Lee from Australia

Chi Hsien Cheng Chocolate Artwork (Taiwan)Chi Hsien Cheng from Taiwan


Although I’m very proud of the Lebanese artwork, I must say that I admire the Canadian piece, and the Dutch one over all.

But also the savagery of the Mexican one, the details of the dragon in the East European sculpture, the poetry of the Danish one, the symetry on the Russian one, and the sensibility of the Australian work.

I’ve been disappointed by the French creation, the pieces from Taiwan and Japan are too predictable, and it looks like the Swiss is a bit show-off…

At least that’s my opinion. What’s yours ? Which one’s your favorite ? Go vote now, and let me know too !


See ya !

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