Thursday, October 13, 2011


Today at uni a girl introduced me to this pet she had as a background, she said it’s a ‘Fashimal’, and I was like ‘’Whuuuuut ?’’, so she started explaining…

And basically they’re artworks made using photoshop, nothing extraordinary… But the catchy thing is that the artist merges major fashion figures like Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld or Grace Coddington with look alike animals in a very meticulous way… The result is simply outrageous, the final thing is perfectly stunning, and some resemblances are really shocking !

Anyway, all you fashion people will like it, it’s like new improved Pokemons !

But before checking the rest of the Fashimals take a look at my favorites and try to guess which fashion figures are represented in there…

Fashimal - Carine Roitfeld

Fashimal - Anna Wintour 2

 Fashimal - Grace Coddington

 Valentino Garavani

 Fashimal - Rei Kawakubo




Now tell me…

How many did you get right ?

This thing is amazing ! I can’t wait to see the future ones !


I hope this made you smile too !

I’ll get back to work now, and see you soon !


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