Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Monday’s Movies 2

Yes, I know we’re not Monday, I was just very busy yesterday, but I like sticking to my ideas, so here’s my second selection of three must-see movies…


By S.J. Clarkson

Toast (Poster)ToastToast (2)Toast (3)  

Toast is the story of Nigel Slater, a boy who grew with a mother unable to cook something else than toasts and yet is really interested in cooking. After his mother’s death, he is forced to live with a distant, uninterested father and his everlasting cliché-ish stepmother, some sort of fake ass housewife always bringing him down. His situation eventually gets better, but that’s already too much said.

With Helena Bonham Carter acting the stepmother, this movie is for sure a great piece of time to spend. Easy-going and captivating, it’s an exceptional delight that you’ll most probably swallow in a gulp ! Just like I did…

PS: Do NOT watch if short on food, you’ll HAVE to indulge your gluttony…



The Hudsucker Proxy

By Joel Coen

The Hudsucker Proxy (Poster) The Hudsucker Proxy (3)The Hudsucker ProxyThe Hudsucker Proxy (2) 

First of all: this movies is quite a piece for the Coen brothers. And by this I mean that if I wasn’t told so I wouldn’t have thought of them… There’s no blood, no crime, no suspense (Although there is a man who trhows himself from the window…). It’s just a pleasant movie, filled with laughter, and attractive images, with passages of story-telling, and a little bit of a fantasy tale…

Basically the movie’s about Norville Barnes, an apparently naive man who is hired as the face of Hudsucker’s company after it’s owner’s suicide. Yet things don’t go as planned, and Norville turns out to have a few ideas that’ll shake the company and its board. Add a bit of romance with an infiltrated journalist trying to discover what’s going on and you’ll have this scrumptious old comedy we all love !

Though it’s not what you expect from the Coen brothers, it’s still a very good movie, I don’t get why such a comedy didn’t make good box-office results… Anyway if you’re in for a good laugh, this is a movie for you.




By Michael Cristofer

Gia (Poster) Gia Gia 3 Gia 2Gia 4

It’s been a while since I saw Gia, but I still have vivid memories of an incredible documentary that struck my heart.

Very simply, the movie’s about the top american model Gia Marie Carangi from the late seventies. A girl that came out of nowhere, spotted while working in some sort of diner, her vertiginous, mind-blowing, disconcerting rise to become a major top fashion model, her emotional issues, a difficult lesbian relationship, drugs… The usual shit, the ever classical scenario, but when it’s a true story it can only grab you instead of provoking some sort of deja-vue feeling…

With the astoundingly wonderful and breathtaking Angelina Jolie (Aaaw those lips !) playing the lead character it’s a movie you can’t miss, shall it be only for the beauty of this woman, exposed in all it’s wonders in the numerous scenes though this obnoxiously beautiful movie…

(And yes there are hot scenes if you’re wondering…)



Now move those asses ! Go watch them and come tell me what you thought of them…

I’m once again sorry for the delay, but my life has been pretty filled these days… And I’ll be back soon with tasty blog posts !

Peace, Love & Art !

See ya !

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