Sunday, July 17, 2011

My first visit of Souk El Ahad

Hello peeps ! I’m really tired of these couture collections reviews, and really don’t feel like doing all of them, especially after having seen Chanel’s Fall 2011 collection that I just can’t comment… (it was horrible, terrific! What may I say… Totally disappointing! They’re ruining her reputation!)
Chanel Fall 2011 (nay) 4 Chanel Fall 2011 (nay) 5 Chanel Fall 2011 (nay) Chanel Fall 2011 (nay) 2
I mean: Boots with supposed-to-be classy suits ! What the fuck ?! But anyway, there were some good stuff… And I might do a post about it soon.
Tonight I want to share with you this awesome day I’ve spent between Souk El Ahad and Bourj Hammoud.
(I’m sorry I don’t have a lot of pictures; the feeling of discovery and excitment was too strong. I promise to take more pictures next time…)
I embarked with a friend of mine on an exciting journey on which I discovered truly amazing places… And to start with: Souk El Ahad, a popular “souk” (as in market) that takes place every Saturday and Sunday in Sin-El-Fil.
I had never been there but people told me about it; good things, bad things… Anyway I had to go discover by myself.
At the entrance, loads of caged animals captured our attention as we were going to enter the “souk”, there were birds and hens, cats and dogs, and even monkeys ! Of course, I obviously don’t need to express myself on this subject, I guess we all share the same opinion, or at least should be…
Here’s a puppy in a cage:
And this pictures says it all:
And this is the pet shop owner’s dog:
IMG_6153 IMG_6152
Joyfull ! Isn’t it ? Anyway if you manage to cross this horrifying scene you’ll enter an amazing market full of wonders and hidden treasures.
To be sure of not crossing the caged animals simply look up; a strange and unusual scenery awaits you… The simple idea of it is disgusting but I found the view of it so captivating, beautiful, the kind of beauty that rises from ugly compositions… Here’s the picture:
It’s hard to see and imagine, but these are used tea bags that have been thrown and that sticked under the bridge… The simple idea of it might be repulsive, but to see all these strings move in different directions according to the wind was just mesmerizing my friends… I’ll have to film it for you…
Back to reality ! I’m so sorry I don’t have any pictures from inside the “souk” because I was too busy exploring, touching and admiring stuff… So I’m just going to show you what I bought between the food, rugs, clothes, materials, antiquities, toys, jewelry, watches, sunglasses, shoes, accessories, tools, TVs, radios, frames, candlesticks, juice, LPs, underwear, belts, pottery, furniture, etc. etc. (Yes ! Yes! There is almost everything there !).
First of all I bought two vintage pairs of sunglasses, one à la John Lennon, that I’ve been searching for a while! (The rounded ones). And one that I just bought because they were cool and because the vendor almost offered them to me…
IMG_6205 IMG_6206IMG_6216IMG_6217
I love them !
I also bought meters of this beautiful fabric (it’s lycra):
Now I just have to figure out what to do with it…
And finally I bought this useless piggy bank simply because it brought childhood memories to my mind… (Yes I’m a compulsive buyer):
(Check Duchess in the background sleeping on my drawings)
All of these for less than 20$ my friends ! And this is it… However my friend (Clara) bought interesting stuff too but I forgot to take pictures, I’ll ask her to send me some, so that the girls checking this can see what they can find there…
I’m sorry I didn’t take pictures of the place itself, I promise I’ll do next time, now that I discovered it ! And because I now know it, expect me to go there often and bring some of you too !
Afterwards we went to Bourj Hammoud (but didn’t buy anything), and even though it was not my first time there I couldn’t help but be amazed and enthusiastic about everything… The place is just wonderful, crumbling under tons of boutiques selling almost everything too; from materials for clothing design to finished products like shoes, bags and jewelry, (a lot of imitations though), where we found so many beautiful pieces like rings and wallets and earrings and buttons, but anyway to talk about it isn’t enough, I’ll bring you pictures next time, and maybe dedicate a whole series of posts to this great suburb… (I’m so stubborn I should have taken pictures).
If you want to go at either of these locations I’ll be glad to come with you ! I know this is not enough and you’re perhaps dying to know/see more and I promise I’ll do another post on each of these very soon. Until then… See ya ! (Probably with a post about couture collections).


  1. Yup, Chanel's F/W '11 collection kinda sucked.
    The tea bags under the bridge look like drops falling in a pond from the pictures you posted... it's a bit unreal, like if it was raining on the sealing... Love the Lennon sunglasses, don't particularly care for the other pair, I'd have to see them on you. The fabric is beautiful, can't wait to see what you'll make out of it. And yes, from what you tell us, these places seem wonderful, you'll take me there won't you?

  2. Quand tu veux !
    Les lunettes sont bof je sais mais j'ai pas pu m'en empecher (depensier compulsif)...
    Les sachets de thé sont merveilleux à voir en vrai (typiquement moi de regarder là où personne regarde) et comme ca bouge on dirait pas de la pluie... Plutôt des créatures volantes...
    Et merci pour le commentaire !