Monday, December 12, 2011

My Drawings

So, I noticed that I don’t talk a lot about myself here… Mainly ‘cause I’m not the subject, BUT I thought maybe you guys would like to know what I’m into, what I do, so I decided to dedicate a post to my work and show you guys a few of my latest drawings. I’ve selected bits of everything, personal artworks, fashion sketches, and even an insight of my personal sketchbook.

So tell me if you like them, tell what you think, what you feel and get from these. And if you’re on tumblr follow my latest blog to catch future artworks.

Enjoy !


CCF100811_00000 La Mécanique Des Lendemains (The Mechanics Of tomorrow)Heterogamie EthereeHétérogamie Ethérée (Ethereal Heterogamy) scan0002 - Copyscan0005 (3)scan0014 (3) Signed scan0015 (3) Signed scan0001 (3)scan0001 (4)scan0001 (5) - Copy scan0002 (4) - Copy scan0009 (3) - Copyscan0005 (4) scan0006 (2)scan0007 (3)

Give it to me !


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