Monday, January 23, 2012

Andrew B Myers

It’s been a while, I know. But today I’m finally a bit free, and feeling like posting about a great photographer I discovered a while ago (ages maybes): Andrew B Myers.

Andrew Myers - Inconspicious Consumption 2011Inconspicious Consumption

What I like most about his pictures are the colors, the boldness of the colors. It’s actually the most striking thing in his work, along his very powerful compositions and perfect titling.

Anyway, the images will talk for themselves, you’ll see, and if they don’t he will right after, I chose my favorites, if you want to see more, you should really go check his website.

Andrew Myers - A Is For Anachronism 2011A Is For Anachronism

 Andrew Myers - A Memorable Occasion 2011A Memorable Occasion

 Andrew Myers - American PsychoAmerican Psycho

 Andrew Myers - Astrophotography (From Solar Maximum)Astrophotography

 Andrew Myers - Bernoulli's PrincipleBernoulli’s Principle

 Andrew Myers - Breakfast In AmericaBreakfast In America

 Andrew Myers - Dueling Hemispheres 2011Dueling Hemispheres

 Andrew Myers - Double ScoopDouble Scoop

Andrew Myers - Fast Times At Ridgemont High 2010Fast Times At Ridgemont High

 Andrew Myers - Flora And Fauna 2011Flora And Fauna

Andrew Myers - Good Wholesome FunGood Wholesome Fun

 Andrew Myers - Hot Dog 2010Hot Dog

 Andrew Myers - R2D2 x 28R2D2 x 28

Andrew Myers - Morning Mood (From Solar Maximum)Morning Mood

 Andrew Myers - Mushroom KingdomMushroom Kingdom

Andrew Myers - Optimal ViewingOptimal Viewing

 Andrew Myers - Party Like It's 1999 2011Party Like It’s 1999

 Andrew Myers - Red TideRed Tide

 Andrew Myers - Street Fighter IIStreet Fighter II

Andrew Myers - Sweet Nothings 2011Sweet Nothings

 Andrew Myers - Sweet SusquehannaSweet Susquehanna

 Andrew Myers - The House That Nightmares Built 2011The House That Nightmares Built


In an attempt to set a frame

Where are you from?
The Canadian countryside.

Where are you based?
Toronto, Canada.

What is your educational background?
I studied for four years at university

Where are you and what is surrounding you right now?
I'm in front of a computer. There's some origami paper to my left along with a book entitled 'pornogami' which I plan on delving into in a moment.

What did you do in the past twenty-four hours?
I slept.


As an introduction to his work

As far as you can go, what is your earliest memory linked to art?
The only activity I really enjoyed as a child was drawing, which lasted well into my adult years.

What, or who, pushed you into art?
It was a very self-motivated venture.

What is your definition of art?
I'd say any sort of creation based on an point of view

What is your definition of beauty?
That terms troubles me. I think a lot which is considered 'beautiful' can be quite tasteless, and a lot that could be considered 'ugly' or tacky can be quite beautiful. I think it's a totally subjective term but also quite difficult to define. If I had one definition I'd be bored.

Which is more important the process or the product?
Product. 100%. I'm a firm believer that the ends justify the means.


About his work

How would you describe your work?

What part of your work is the most important?
I like experimenting with colour quite a bit.

Where do you find inspiration?
Literally all around, and often in some odd places.

What kind of artistic expression do you look at for inspiration?
Mostly painting, it's the medium I find most interesting.

What kind of artists do you look up to?
Artists who are doing something entirely new or original. That's almost impossible, but I like seeing something I would have never thought of or considered.

Who are the people you want to reach with your work?
Everyone from children to the elderly, I want to make smile.

Are creative collaborations important to you?
Not necessarily, but I think they're challenging and interesting. I would never collaborate with someone who didn't understand where I was coming from or who I didn't think was talented, as it would just be a downhill battle turned into compromise.

So far, what was your most interesting collaboration?
I worked with Montreal director Karim Charlebois-Zariffa a few weeks ago on a television commercial and I truly adored the experience and his point of view.

Do you have any favorite artwork so far? Which one?
I like the paintings of Robert Bechtle and Wayne Thiebaud the most.


About his career

What satisfies you? When do you consider something achieved?
I never consider anything achieved and I'm never wholly satisfied. That's what keeps me moving forward.

What, or who, has been the greatest influence on your career?
Probably the people who have given me chances in the beginning when I was lesser known.

What, or who, is the motor of your career?
I think when people say they appreciate something I've done.

What are your future plans, your next step ?
To move into motion.


My favorite picture is ‘’Inconspicious Consumption’’, although I can’t say why… So what’s yours ? Tell me about it ! And I’ll talk to you soon !


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