Saturday, January 14, 2012

Friday’s Playlist (06/01/12 – 13/01/12)

Well peeps ! It’s been an interesting week full of discoveries that will last me till next week ! So here’s this week’s playlist, as usual you can check it on the Youtube channel if it makes it easier, however you should absolutely watch Flight Facilities' movie, as much as Pikachunes’, Summer Camp’s,  The Grates’ and Reptar’s.

Let me know if you know any of these or if you disliked something, also if you think I’d like something, tell me so I can check it out !



Just in case:

1. Palpitation – Can I Blame You ?

2. Sharon Van Etten – Serpents

3. Flight Facilities Feat. Giselle – Crave You

4. Princess Chelsea – The Cigarette Duet

5. Pikachunes – Just A Boy

6. Summer Camp – Down

7. Noisettes – The Count Of Monter Christo

8. Citizens! – True Romance

9. The Grates – Turn Me On

10. Birds Escape – You Don’t Know Me

11. Reptar – Blastoff

12. Kanye West & Jay-Z Feat. Franck Ocean – No Church In The Wild


Enjoy !


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