Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The Closet’s Imagery 5


It’s pretty much the basic of all good fashion. Arrogance. The motor of a revolution. The karma.

If you think of it, you’ll find arrogance in all the greatest pieces of clothing, the iconic dresses, the fashion statements and innovations.

Because we all need images to breathe; I share with you some of my favorites, I feel bad for the lack of credits, but if you have any inquiries I’ll be glad to tell you what I know.

Jamie Nelson - Zink - May 2008 tumblr_lrs3qxiE8a1qcpfiio1_500Lindsey Wixson by Terry Richardsontumblr_lu62bmDUd41qgwce8o1_500Comme Des Garcons Fall 2011tumblr_lniyn8nJdA1qfv1owo1_500tumblr_lvpvdy9a7m1qhdgz2o1_500backstage_003_a backstage_016_atumblr_lnygdgBfnC1qc1fxyo1_500 tumblr_lo6svu3kY01qdvtuwo1_500tumblr_lhdtqw5APA1qh5n07o1_r1_500

  Embrace Life !


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