Sunday, January 29, 2012

Friday’s Playlist (21/01/2012 – 27/01/12)

So it was a very busy week, I’m handling in my final project tomorrow, almost eight boards I’ve been working on for two weeks, I think I’ll be puking Viktor & Rolf ribbons soon… It’s long to explain, I might show you the final outcome though !

So basically this is what assisted me during this last week, as always you can check it on my youtube channel, and if you haven’t watched Gorillaz’ video clip, you absolutely should.

I’m again, and over, here for you, to read about you is my greatest pleasure so let me know if you enjoyed this playlist, let me know about something I don’t know…



Just in case:

1. Thomas Newman – Any Other Name

2. Palpitation – You And I

3. Amy Winehouse – It’s My Party

4. Bob & Earl – Harlem Shuffle

5. Waldeck – Memories

6. King Charles – Ivory Road

7. Gorillaz – On Melancholy Hill

8. Gusgus – Over

9. Le Corps Mince De Françoise – Take Me To The Mountains

10. Sexy Sushi -  T’emflamme Pas Pétasse



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