Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Florentijn Hofman

Doing a visual research on rubber ducks for university, between all the thumbnails, I saw a giant yellow thing floating on what seemed to be a river, you’d imagine my reaction while all I wanted were simple stock photos… What the fuck was that ? I opened the link, and as usual, as when I really like something, I bugged for a good minute in front of this… Thing.

Florentijn Hofman (Rubber Duck) 2

A Thing… I guess that’s what best describes Florentijn Hofman’s work. And I must admit it amuzes me to think of the people confronting these things while strolling around peacefully.

So basically you’d say that Florentijn Hofman’s work are sculptures or maybe more installations, some ephemeral, some that travel the world and some permanent, which means you can still encounter a huge red dog on a roadtrip across the country…

There’s always a message behind every expression, although everyone’s first reaction is amusement, amazement. And to me that’s the strength of Florentjn’s work, I love street art, but when it takes these proportions, I can only admire. Florentijn doesn’t only express himself, he makes sure everyone gets him, in a way that is not bothering.

Anyway I did enough talking, and you’d rather hear from him instead of me, so after these few pictures of his work, read more about him. And if it isn’t enough go check his website for more artworks.

Florentijn Hofman (The Giant of Vlaardingen)Florentijn Hofman (The Giant of Vlaardingen) 3Florentijn Hofman (The Giant of Vlaardingen) 2The Giant of Vlaardingen

Florentijn Hofman (Yellow Street)Florentijn Hofman (Yellow Street) 2 Florentijn Hofman (Yellow Street) 3Yellow Street

Florentijn Hofman (Beukelsbauw) 2 Florentijn Hofman (Beukelsbauw) 3 Florentijn Hofman (Beukelsbauw) Beukelsbauw

Florentijn Hofman (Black Crow) Black Crow

 Florentijn Hofman (Signpost 5) Florentijn Hofman (Signpost 5) 2 Florentijn Hofman (Signpost 5) 3 Florentijn Hofman (Signpost 5) 4 Florentijn Hofman (Signpost 5) 5Signpost 5

Florentijn Hofman (Mirror Wall) 2 Florentijn Hofman (Mirror Wall)Mirror Wall

 Florentijn Hofman (Rubber Duck) Florentijn Hofman (Rubber Duck) 3Florentijn Hofman (Rubber Duck) 4Rubber Duck

 Florentijn Hofman (Pig Juggeling With Strawberries) 2 Florentijn Hofman (Pig Juggeling With Strawberries)Pig juggeling with Strawberries

 Florentijn Hofman (Fat Monkey) Florentijn Hofman (Fat Monkey) 2Florentijn Hofman (Fat Monkey) 3Fat Monkey

Florentijn Hofman (Lookout Rabbit) Florentijn Hofman (Lookout Rabbit) 2 Lookout Rabbit

 Florentijn Hofman (Stor Gul Kanin) Florentijn Hofman (Stor Gul Kanin) 2 Florentijn Hofman (Stor Gul Kanin) 3Stor Gul Kanin

Florentijn Hofman (Kobe Frog)Kobe Frog


In an attempt to set a frame

Where are you from ?
Born in Delfzijl, the netherlands.

Where are you based ?
What is your educational background ?
Art Academy Kampen.

Where are you and what is surrounding you right now?
In the studio, studio Florentijn Hofman, fruit harbor of Rotterdam.

What did you do in the past twenty-four hours?
Dream, eat, bring my boy to school, give a presentation in Belgium and just back drinking coffee in the studio and answering some mails.

As an introduction to his work

As far as you can go, what is your earliest memory linked to art?
Maybe the Groniger Museum…

What, or who, pushed you into art?
Mister Blue, drawing teacher and Pierre Gallais.

What is your definition of art?
Art must interact.

What is your definition of beauty?
A Long Beard.

Which is more important the process or the product?


About his work

How would you describe your work?
Funny part of art.

What part of your work is the most important?
The payment.

Where do you find inspiration?
Rotterdam, at home, internet, in conversations, driving on the road, playing football and drinking some beers, listening to music, abroad. Belgium, France, Sweden, New Zealand and Japan.

What kind of artistic expression do you look at for inspiration?
Theater, films, music.

What kind of artists do you look up to?
None, I love them all.

Who are the people you want to reach with your work?

Are creative collaborations important to you?

So far, what was your most interesting collaboration ?

Do you have any favorite artwork so far ? Which one ?

About his career

What satisfies you? When do you consider something achieved ?
If people take pictures.

What, or who, has been the greatest influence on your career ?
My friends and family.

What, or who, is the motor of your career ?
Me, myself and I.

What are your future plans, your next step ?
See whatever it brings.


I hope you like Florentijn’s work as much as I do, if not I’d like to know why, and if yes tell me what are your favorites ? I’d definitely go for the rubber duck, and the pianos on the beach of Signpost 5.


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