Monday, February 27, 2012

Friday’s Playlist (18/02/12 – 24/02/12)

Wooooops! Monday? What the? I almost forgot to do this peeps!I’ve had a very busy weekend… Yeah it happens more and more often, Friday shall never be left to Monday, I promise!

Anyway, I spent a great week that ended, as well, if not better. And the music I listened to was amazing at so many levels… Listen to whatever you want today, and skip half the playlist but don’t dare leave the page without listening to Active Child’s ‘’Johnny Belinda’’, it’s breathtaking.

True discoveries, include The Jezabels, Class Actress and Wye Oak, and I honor one of my favorite bands, Gorillaz, with their new song and one of my favorite classical tunes: Debussy’s ‘’Clair de Lune’’, the story behind it is always great to share, so come ask if you’re not friends with Google…

Also and as usual you can check the playlist on the Youtube channel, and if you’re interested, you have to see the videoclips of M. Ward, Little Dragon, and Chinese Man, but mostly: the beautiful Rebecca Hall in James Blake’s ‘’A Case Of You’’.

Hope you’ll like this one as much as the previous ones, take care and enjoy !



Just in case:

1. Stephen Malinowski – Clair de Lune, composed by Claude Debussy

2. Fleetwood Mac - Landslide

3. M. Ward – The First Time I Ran Away

4. Little Dragon – Twice

5. James Blake – A Case Of You

6. The Jezabels – Trycolour

7. Wye Oak – Holy Holy

8. Chinese Man – Racing With The Sun

9. The Envy Corps - Dipsomania

10. Gorillaz Feat. Andre 3000 and James Murphy – Do Ya Thing

11. Class Actress – Need To Know

12. Lindstrom Feat. Christabelle – Lovesick

13. Evan Voytas – Tomorrow Night We’ll Go Anywhere

14. Active Child – Johnny Belinda

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