Friday, November 25, 2011

The Drawer’s Imagery 4

Because we all need this kind of nurture; (we all need) to let our brains die and revive our senses. Because sometimes, visuals are strong enough for us to just shup up and enjoy… These are some of my favorites.


Lady Gaga V Magazine giovanni battista piranesi, imperial mausoleum, 1750tumblr_luplqoLiQV1qi1hx1o1_500tumblr_lv1bt7K7zC1qh7l4ho1_500Angelina Jolitumblr_ln3sd3Alfs1qbtmjxo1_r1_500tumblr_lo3bufAsSm1qcaiaoo1_500tumblr_lt9pgnBN6Q1qbbcqbo1_500tumblr_luf1ejURhX1qb68g6o1_500tumblr_lr1a09rCDK1qz7hmlo1_500tumblr_lth129eXat1qbbcqbo1_500Martin Conte by Hugo Toni, U Mag Nov.2011, ''Like A Prayer''tumblr_lcs37ps7KU1qaqqmto1_5001969 vintage mexican poster tumblr_l9pllyvnr71qdrr0vo1_500tumblr_ltn012dpji1qj01s2o1_500

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