Friday, August 12, 2011

Salvador Dali’s Bird Compact

This thing I discovered last day is so awesome I’m dedicating a whole post to it ! Whoever knows me, knows that Dali is one of my favorite artists, a source of inspiration, nothing can describe the genius that was that man, he was so above average and you can’t look at his work without being moved, without feeling some kind of sensation whether it is astonishment, disgust or admiration. Any way, last night, stumbling on this magnificient and ingenious, sophisticated accessory… I was just amazed.

So basically it’s a bird-shaped compact he created around World War II, where everything is so intelligently structured that it is stunning! It contains make-up (Powder under the wings, lipstick behind the head), a pillbox under the tail, and a mirror. Looking at this jewel I just realize how soulless designers can be today, I mean they’ll never ever do something as brilliant as this, because today we’re too lazy to even think, I mean electronics are here for that, aren’t they ?

Bird Compact by Salvador DaliBird Compact by Salvador Dali (5) Bird Compact by Salvador Dali (2)Bird Compact by Salvador Dali (3)Bird Compact by Salvador Dali (4)   

Oh, and if you somehow want to buy it, (or offer it to me) it only costs 1,695$…

And because I know some of you won’t be satisfied with a bird-shaped compact, here’s my latest drawing, entitled: ‘’La Mécanique Des Lendemains’’ which can be translated into: ‘’Tomorrow’s Mechanics’’. I really like it, and enjoyed doing it, basically I started out of nothing (actually the lady’s shoe) and step by step I found myself drawing this fresco… I won’t talk about it or explain what I see in it, I’d like to hear it from you…


(The scanner ate the bottom part…)

(And it’s black ink on paper, for those wondering…)

See ya!