Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday’s Playlist ( 24/09/11 – 30/09/11 )

For those of you who just got here, and don’t know what’s this about, here’s the explanation: Every Friday, I post a playlist of all the songs that marked my week, including songs that I knew, or that I’ve just discovered and liked… I hope you like them and discover something too.

Do  not mind the chaotic aspect, I know you might be suprised by the series, but there ain’t no theme so it’s just all mixed and messed, find your way through my week !



And because I like to do things ‘’perfectly’’ here are the titles in case they are not on the video:

1. Gorillaz – Man Research (Clapper)

2. Para One & Tacteel – Always

3. Depeche Mode - Everything Counts

4. Vanessa Paradis – Divine Idylle

5. Edith Piaf – Padam Padam

6. Nightwish – The Poet And The Pendulum

7. Oh Land – White Nights

8. The Strokes – Heart In A Cage

9. Frederico Franchi – Cream

10. Gang Of Four – I Will Be A Good Boy

11. Carter Burwell – Blood Simple

12. Agnes Obel – Riverside

13. Björk - Moon

14. Fairuz – Saalouni El Nass


Peace, Love and Art !

See ya !

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