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New York Fashion Week Spring 2012 (Part 1)

Well Peeps, the fashion week is over, it is about time we talk about it…

Here’s how we’ll work: I’ll review around ten designers per post, with a bit of luck we’ll be done in less than fifteen posts.

I’ll follow an alphabetical order and give you my opinion, thoughts and judgement on each collection, along with pictures of my favorite outfits.

Ready ? Let’s go !

10 Crosby Derek Lam

I don’t know what’s up with this brand, I’ve read it’s their second collection, so I have to say they’re kind of good. I give them some time and I bet they’ll grow real fast.

10 Crosby Derek Lam Spring 2012 (2) 10 Crosby Derek Lam Spring 2012 (3) 10 Crosby Derek Lam Spring 2012

I particularly like the last dress, its freshness baffled me.

Check the whole collection here.


3.1 Phillip Lim

Phillip’s lim collection inspired by the kite was quite simple, what did you expect ? I tend to despise simplicity, you should know by now… But somehow, a few outfits of Lim’s collection are simply striking by the harmony of fabrics, colours, and shapes. It may not be the revolution of the century, it’s still very pleasant.

3.1 Phillip Lim Spring 20123.1 Phillip Lim Spring 2012 (2)3.1 Phillip Lim Spring 2012 (3)3.1 Phillip Lim Spring 2012 (4) 3.1 Phillip Lim Spring 2012 (5)

    For me, the second look is probably the best of all the collection.

You can check the whole thing here.



Simple and fresh are perfect qualifiers, I have to say I’m not that much moved by this kind of work, and I can even add that some of the dresses could use a bit of retouching here and there, shorten, remove, tighten, you know what I mean.

In my opinion it’s a bit of a joke to present a simple white dress such as the following, he could have altered it a bit…

ADAM Spring 2012 (nay)

Anyway, there were a few good stuff, that’s why I still bother talking about it.

ADAM Spring 2012 (2) ADAM Spring 2012 (3) ADAM Spring 2012 (4) ADAM Spring 2012

I’ve got a thing for this last outfit, don’t you ?

  The rest of the party’s here.


A Détacher

If you’re a woman of a certain age, if your granny’s birthday’s in spring, or if you simply enjoy Ugly Betty’s style then this collection’s for you !

Okay, some ideas are good, if you bother looking carefully to each outfit, but the whole thing just lacks so much femininity it almost gets shocking. The colors, the patterns, the cuts, so many things are just wrong it creeps me out, and just to illustrate my saying check the next pictures but be aware that THESE ARE NOT MY FAVORITES, and tell me if I’m wrong about this brand being too old school.

A Détacher Spring 2012 (nay) A Détacher Spring 2012 (nay) 2 A Détacher Spring 2012 (nay) 3 A Détacher Spring 2012 (nay) 4

It’s bad taste incarnated !

If you want to torture your soul check the rest here. And while you’re there try to find the good ideas I was referring to.


Alexander Wang

I don’t know why people love him so much ! I personally don’t find that much to him or to ‘sport chic’ for instance. People often are amazed by the way he create stuff inspired by bikers outfit, but this thing is created to protect us not to be fashionable so how can we even think of getting something beautiful out of it ? Anyway, looking at the collection with an objective point of view… (Well I still don’t get what the fuck got wrong with the hair-do !)… Well I somehow managed to find a few interesting stuff.

Alexander Wang Spring 2012 (2) Alexander Wang Spring 2012 (3)Alexander Wang Spring 2012 (5) Alexander Wang Spring 2012 (4) Alexander Wang Spring 2012

I don’t understand why he had to add a scarf to this last ouftit…

If you’re intrested, you can check the rest here.


Alexandre Herchcovitch

Alexandre Herchcovitch’s  collection is really intriguing as it is set real far from the previous ones. This one’s somehow very ethereal, simple, yet really aerial. How to say… It oozes simple elegance, with a touch of eccentricity, just a tiny bit to shake things up. I personally like it, though it could still use some more originality.

Alexandre Herchcovitch Spring 2012 (6)Alexandre Herchcovitch Spring 2012Alexandre Herchcovitch Spring 2012 (2) Alexandre Herchcovitch Spring 2012 (3)Alexandre Herchcovitch Spring 2012 (5)

Check the rest of the collection here.


Alexandre Plokhov

I’m not going to waste time and energy on this, but you can bother if you want, check the collection here.


Alice + Olivia

I personally didn’t know this brand until now, it’s kind of very simple, a bit déjà-vu, a few ups, many downs, but it’s an interesting brand after all, very colorful I have to say, but not in a new original way, just in the same good old combinations. Thumb up at the shoes !

Alice   Olivia Spring 2012 (2) Alice   Olivia Spring 2012 (3) Alice   Olivia Spring 2012 

Check the rest of the collection here.



Now, I really should start by saying I’ve really had a hard time going through this collection figuring out what is really beautiful and what’s not, because there are many things real close to beautiful but that are ruined by some details or the model’s look. This my friend is really saddening, but what’s even worse is the make-up + hair-do, please tell me you agree !

Altuzarra Spring 2012 Altuzarra Spring 2012 (2) Altuzarra Spring 2012 (3)

Check the whole collection here.


Anna Sui

I really enjoy the spirit that’s going through Anna Sui’s collection, you can feel that she had fun doing this. Maybe even a little bit too much fun, I mean killing a few accessories here and there won’t hurt, we don’t want it to turn into some halloween costume do we ?

I don’t really know much about Anna Sui but I kind of like her, she works in the same spirit as Betsey Johnson, kitschy, sexy, fun. Take off the necklace or the hat and you’ll appreciate the clothes. For instance, take the bolero from the 8th outfit, it is simply amazing, wear it with a simple top and a simple pant and you’ll look terrific !

 Anna Sui Spring 2012 (10)Anna Sui Spring 2012Anna Sui Spring 2012 (2)Anna Sui Spring 2012 (9) Anna Sui Spring 2012 (3) Anna Sui Spring 2012 (4) Anna Sui Spring 2012 (5) Anna Sui Spring 2012 (6) Anna Sui Spring 2012 (7) Anna Sui Spring 2012 (8)

I like it !

Go see the rest here !



Okay… Well there’s not much to say about this collection, it’s a simple one, and as always: simple is hardly mind-blowing. But I have to say that I like this kind of simplicity, the colours are stunning, this use of neon is mesmerising, and it’s not a first in this fashion week… Fashion trend much ? *wink* *wink* Go grab fluorescent stuff ladies ! Or… Go total avant-garde with outfits cut in tranparent and limpid fabrics ! At least that’s what they offer at Araks…

Araks Spring 2012 (3)Araks Spring 2012 (2)Araks Spring 2012

Look at more designs here.


And… That’s enough for this first part, I’ll be back soon with about 10 more reviews, I hope you like them and agree with me, if not let me know what’s bothering you !

See ya !


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